Supporting Our Community


YIN supports Pelangi School’s scholarship program, which allows local children to attend Pelangi school at much reduced tuitions. The children benefit greatly by not only being fluent in English, but also by experiencing a much more creative and inquiry based type of learning not so present in the local school system. With every piece that is sold from our Karma collection, a $2.00 donation is made to the Pelangi scholarship program. “What goes around comes around”



YIN runs a donation program with proceeds going to BUMI SEHAT, an amazing natural birthing centre that offers free birthing services to women in need throughout Bali. The clinics founder, Robin Lim, has been chosen as CNN Hero of the Year (2012). For every Bali OM charm sold in our shop, there is a $2.00 donation to Bumi Sehat to help their mission of safe and healthy babies and births in Bali.

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