giving-back-rightYIN is proud to be involved in three very different programs that give back to the community where we live and work.

The first is a donation program with procedes going to BUMI SEHAT, an amazing natural birthing centre that offers free birthing services to women in need throughout Bali. The clinics founder, Robin Lim, has just been chosen as CNN Hero of the Year (2012). For every Bali OM charm sold in our shop, there is a $2.00 donation to Bumi Sehat to help their mission of safe and healthy babies and births in Bali.

Secondly, YIN supports Pelangi School’s scholarship program, which allows local children to attend Pelangi school at much reduced tutions. The children benefit greatly by not only being fluent in English, but also by experiencing a much more creative and inquiry based type of learning not so present in the local school system. With every piece that is sold from our Karma collection, a $2.00 donation is made to the Pelangi scholarship program. “What goes around comes around”

Finally, YIN, in conjunction with Kerobokan inmate Si Yi Chen (Bali Nine), has established and is running the Mule Jewels project, a rehabilitative silver making program inside the notorious Kerobokan jail in southern Bali. The goal of the program is twofold. First, to offer inmates a trade skill that they are able to use upon release to get a good job (skilled silversmiths are paid well and highly sought after in Bali). Secondly, to keep inmates out of the blocks (overcrowed rooms where they sleep) where trouble is often brewing and give them something constructive and therapeutic to work with. . The designs are a reflection of Si Yi’s devotion and practice of Taoism. All proceeds from sales of Mule Jewels jewelry goes back into buying more silver and tools, to keep this important program running. Please see the Mule Jewels jewelry section of our catalog for more details.

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