Mule Jewels – Jail Project

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In conjunction with inmate Si Yi Chen (Bali Nine), YIN has established and is running the MULE JEWELS project, a rehabilitative silver making program inside the notorious Kerobokan jail in southern Bali. The goal of the program is threefold. First, to offer inmates a trade skill that they are able to use upon release to get a good job (skilled silversmiths are paid well and highly sought after in Bali). Secondly, to keep inmates out of the blocks (overcrowded rooms where they sleep) where trouble is often brewing and give them something constructive and therapeutic to work with. . The program also offers those involved a well needed nutritious hot lunch.

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The designs are a reflection of Si Yi’s devotion and practice of Taoism. All proceeds from sales of MULE JEWELS jewelry goes back into buying more silver and tools, to keep this important program running. Please see the MULE JEWELS section of our catalog to support this cause!

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