Fair Trade


If you’re like us, you sometimes have second thoughts as you buy jewelry for yourself, or to put in your shop, or on your website. You know where the jewelry was made. But do you know who made it? Do you know what their working conditions are like? The answer in most cases is no. But with YIN, you know that when you buy our jewelry, you make someone else’s life better.

YIN operates under the principles of Fair Trade, and follows guidelines as set out by IFAT. We pay our artisans better than fair price per piece of jewelry, a price that is set by the artisan themselves. There are no children employed by YIN, and female silversmiths are valued, and paid the same price per piece as male silversmiths.

YIN artisans are given the freedom to work out of their own homes if they choose to do so, and according to their own schedule. This ensures that all artisans can meet family and spiritual needs within their homes and community, a very important part of Balinese culture.

We run our business in such a way that our artisans get valuable experience in being accountable for and running their own small business. Some of our silversmiths have gone on to set up their own manufacturing business. We monitor working conditions of our artisans to ensure the workplace is as safe and healthy as possible.

We provide constant work orders, advances and prompt final payments to artisans. Sales staff in all of our shops are given sales incentives on top of a more than fair salary.
YIN is proud to support over 20 valued artisans and sales staff. When you buy YIN jewelry, you can be sure you have made a difference.

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