YIN creates one-of-a-kind pieces in three different metals to supply the market with different price points within the same design range.


silver-sriyantra Our silver jewelry is sterling silver, meaning at least 925 parts out of 1000 parts is pure silver. For the rest of the mix, we use copper. This adds more strength to the silver, so it is not too soft to wear. Typically, allergic reactions with silver jewelry are related to alloying silver with nickel. We do not alloy with nickel for that reason. Our silver jewelry will tarnish with extended wear, or as a reaction to chemical creams or sprays on the skin. The tarnished surface can be re-polished with a polishing cloth or silver polish. We sell polishing cloths at all YIN shops.



gold-lotus Our gold plated jewelry is brass metal plated with pure gold in a matt finish. Over the top of the gold plating is a coating to seal in the gold for longer wearability. In the case that the gold plating wears off, as it should gently through use, the warm brass color will show beneath. It is possible to re-plate our pieces for a minimal charge.



brass-om Our brass jewelry is our most cost effective metal to produce with.  Brass has a similar warm colour as gold, and it is said to attract healing, wealth and protection.  Our brass collection brings affordability for anyone to our YIN collections!


Semi Precious Stones

yin-precious-stones2 At Yin we LOVE stones. We love their colors, their shine and sparkle, and the unique healing properties that they bring to our pieces. We use all kinds of cuts of stones, including the most precision cut stones, down to completely uncut stones. Our healing stone collections include cards to explain the meaning of the stones in the set of 9 different combinations. We buy stones all over the world, from Canada to Bangkok, India and China….and of course Bali.

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